To be eligible for consideration, a company must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Home-grown, privately-owned enterprise incorporated under Singapore's Companies Act (1994 Revised Edition)
  • Can either be a parent company or a subsidiary as defined in Section 5 of the Companies Act
  • Not listed on any stock exchange prior to 30 June 2017*
  • Be at least 30 percent owned by Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Possess audited financial records for three years of operation as a private limited company in Singapore as at 31 December 2016**

Other Criteria

  • Partnerships and Government Linked Companies (GLCs) are not eligible for consideration in the E50 awards list.
  • All subsidiaries of listed parent companies will not be eligible
  • If an unlisted parent company participates, all subsidiaries will not be eligible
  • If an unlisted parent company chooses not to participate, then all unlisted subsidiaries are eligible for consideration.

Participants are evaluated on quantitative and qualitative criteria. Quantitative criteria considered include key performance indicators such as operating profit before tax, turnover, profit growth and return on equity. Qualitative criteria include business model, productivity, and innovation, management ideals and the standard of corporate governance.

*All participating companies are requested to notify the organisers in the event that the company has successfully applied for a public listing and expects such a listing prior to the publication of the 2017 Enterprise 50 list in the fourth quarter of 2017.

**Participating companies are required to write to the Enterprise 50 Secretariat to request for an extension of deadline for the submission of the audited financial records if they are unable to submit them by the closing date (30 June 2017). Extension is subject to the organisers’ approval.